Melike Ceylan

Sound Artist, Researcher, Musician

Sound Wardrobe

Listen closely. Sound Wardrobe focuses on the multi-sensory experience of the wearer/listener/performer. It questions various relationships between the self, the individual body, and hearing and tactility. How can we explore the sonic … Continue reading

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Presenting: Otaniemi Soundscapes

This project consists of three etudes made with the sounds of Otaniemi, the campus area of Aalto University, Finland. In three episodes, I aim to document various soundscapes from Otaniemi, … Continue reading

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LabOurWard! Study Project

LabOurWard! is a study project where participants developed design ideas for better birth-giving conditions in low resource settings. The project allowed the designer teams to think of better experiences for … Continue reading

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Sounding Motion

As a sound designer, working with a dancer resulted in a great experience. The meaning of sound designing for dance has broadened. Possibilities offered by wearable sensor technology allow dance … Continue reading

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Sound Memories

Sounds that we hear, remember, enjoy, feel, can’t forget or don’t want to forget… The collection of sound memories started to uncover those special sounds of different lives and experiences. In each story, … Continue reading

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“Phone Talks” with SuperCollider

On April 18th-22nd, Thor Magnusson and Enrike Hurtado visited MediaLab once again for IXI Workshop. My programming skills were limited only with some knowledge of Pure Data when the workshop had started. During this intensive … Continue reading

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Book Song

Ääniaalto – 1st DADA Sound Festival took place in MediaLab Helsinki on March 10th-11th, 2016. During two days, the festival hosted several performances, sound installations, interactive pieces as well as fixed … Continue reading

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